2022 San Antonio

Team P-Nut

---Thank you for visiting our team page and helping us reach our fundraising goal! Our team name is 'Team P-Nut' for our son Gilbert 'P-Nut' Cordaway.

Our P-Nut was diagnosed at age 10 in May 2014 with stage 4 Glioblastoma. He fought for 9 months after diagnoses, before gaining his wings on Feb. 19, 2015 at 11 years old. As like with all cancers, this monster slowly took away many of his abilities, but never his personality, spirit, or love for life. In the span of those 9 months, he went through surgeries, chemo, radiation, therapies, was in remission, and saw growth, until there was no more stopping it.

We are always looking for ways to honor and remember our P-Nut, and this run seems like the perfect fit. It benefits not only us, but so many others out there dealing with either the same or similar life changing road. Even while he was fighting his own war with his body, he never dwelled on it, and instead reached out to the others he encountered on his daily treatment visits, talking to those of all ages about fighting to get to the next day, saying ‘this isn’t a death sentence’, instilling hope in those that were giving up. He was a shoulder to cry on, an amazing ear to listen, and someone they truly connected with, as he himself actually knew what they were dealing with. To see such ways of compassion, love, and strength come from a child was more than inspiring. If he could handle fighting for every tomorrow, while going through the horrendous treatments, yet also trying to keep as ‘normal’ of a life as possible by going to school and trying to be a kid, then we can surely do our part in spreading his story, awareness, and aid in funds.

There are so many others out there of all ages fighting similar battles, and we need to come together to help spread the awareness, raise funds for research and one day, finally get a cure! Fundraisers like this are so important in the continuous search for a cure. We need to stop this disease from taking others loved ones, and give them a fighting chance to come out of this with a lifetime in front of them. Please join us in showing all those warriors that there is still love out in the world and that they are not forgotten, nor alone. Our personal battle may be done, but the war continues.---

I am joining the fight against brain cancer by participating in Head for the Cure San Antonio on September 28, 2019. Head for the Cure is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for brain cancer research.
Each year, over 200,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. More than 120 types of brain tumors exist, making effective treatment complicated. Cutting edge research is needed as we continue to make strides in this fight.
Head for the Cure works to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers and other supporters, while celebrating their courage, spirit and energy. Every Head for the Cure event marks a day of celebration where those diagnosed with brain cancer are honored and celebrated by their friends and families, those who have lost their battles are remembered, and we are all inspired to carry on the fight.
Funds raised by Head for the Cure support the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative, a network of medical centers with the expertise and the desire to participate in state-of-the-art clinical trials investigating new treatments for malignant brain tumors.
Please consider making a donation today to help me reach my goal and to help Head for the Cure defeat brain cancer!

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