2020 Phoenix


The race is on for a cure
Our family has formed a team to take part in this virtual run in Phoenix on November 7th for brain cancer awareness and research. 
As many of you know our beautiful sister Pam has been bravely battling an aggressive form of brain cancer over the past year called glioblastoma. We are calling our team Glioblasters because how amazing would it be to blast Glio in her lifetime? We have hope that more opportunities for therapy and treatment are forthcoming while she and others struggling with brain cancer still have a chance to participate. Brain cancer patients are just like you and me. They have families, dreams, hobbies and big plans for the future.  But then, without warning, cell mutations in the brain take over, form tumors and suddenly everything changes.  Survival mode becomes their new agenda and the future feels like it has been hijacked.  
This virtual 5K event  is a chance to say we care and believe our contribution can make a difference. 
Your donation or participation in this virtual race helps bring about awareness, funds research, develops advanced treatments, and offers HOPE.
Please form your own virtual race, join our team, or just donate. Our goal as a team is to reach $1000 and please know,no amount is too small---
Remember, real people’s dreams are at stake.  

Thank you - we are forever grateful. 
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