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Danny's Deadpools is joining the fight against brain cancer by participating in Head for the Cure- Phoenix on November 16, 2019. Head for the Cure is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for brain cancer research. 

Danny's Deadpools story begins with one person... Danny Efron!

On October 1, 2015, the day before 33-year-old Danny Efron was set to undergo brain surgery to remove a large tumor in his parietal lobe, his mother died of pancreatic cancer. It was a crippling loss. His best friend and main source of strength had been ripped from him at the most trying time in his life.

Danny’s diagnosis came two years prior when he began suffering debilitating headaches and cognitive symptoms. A CAT scan and MRI revealed that a large, inflamed tumor resided in his brain. Doctors rushed to prescribe steroids to treat the inflammation, which had been identified as the root of his symptoms. Having a difficult time with the medication, Danny opted to treat the inflammation through an alternate method: medical marijuana. Three months later, a follow-up MRI showed the inflammation had disappeared and Danny’s neurosurgeon informed him that the tumor was likely a cyst he was born with that became inflamed.

Regular MRIs were prescribed to monitor what was no longer considered a life threatening dilemma. For two years, Danny treated himself with medical marijuana and was symptom-free.

In the beginning of 2015, Danny's mother’s health began a rapid decline. Being the only one by her side during this time, Danny did everything in his power to fully care for her, but the stress from the situation was overwhelming. Overnight the headaches and symptoms resurfaced... and this time they were worst than ever.

An MRI revealed that his tumor had tripled in size and appeared active with malignant tissue. There was no choice but to operate.

The surgery seemed a success at first as the majority of the tumor had been removed. Next step was to wait for the biopsy results. 

The morning of his release day, the biopsy news arrived. It was not good. Cancer had taken root in Danny’s corpus collosum—an inoperable area of the brain.

The illness was terminal. The oncologist on staff gave him 10 years to live.

Days later, Danny would be leveled with even worse news. Three different lab sites showed his cancer was stage three. His timeline was reduced from 10 years to two to five. An aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation was prescribed. It was only meant to prolong his life, not cure him.

Danny refused to accept this!

After a massive effort to research natural cancer-fighting remedies and supplements, Danny designed his own treatment as well. 

6 months later he was cancer free!

4 years have passed since Danny first heard he had two to five years to live, and things could not be better. Each MRI shows no sign of disease. He is engaged to the love of his life and has a beautiful two year old son. Doctors have even removed the timeline on his life.

Danny now uses his knowledge and success of overcoming cancer to help inspire others.

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