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Mr. Perfect

Thank you for visiting our Mr. Perfect team page and helping us to reach our fundraising goal of $1,000.  This team was put in place in honor of my father, Robert Morris Berman.  

My dad passed away on September 8, 2019.  He died 10 years after being diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor.  Though meningioma tumors are usually not fast-growing he developed an atypical more aggressive form that proved to be fatal.  

When I was young, my mom and I gave my dad the nickname "Mr. Perfect."  We initially gave him this name, because he was exceptionally skilled, even-tempered, non-judgmental and reliable.  We would often joke that it wasn't easy living with Mr. Perfect.  

In truth, he was very easy to live with.  He was always there for my mom and me and our extended family.  He was not a complainer.  He bravely faced years of treatment, which included three craniotomies and radiation without complaint.  He did whatever was required of him and never acted like a victim.  during his last year in Home Hospice care, he did not complain and he was gracious and kind often thanking his caregivers.  Even in death, he was a role model.  Therefore, I have chosen to name our Head for the Cure Team, Mr. Perfect!  

Our family deeply appreciates any contributions you can make to aid in finding a cure.  

Our team is joining others in the fight against brain cancer by participating in Head for the Cure Detroit on October 4, 2020. Head for the Cure is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for brain cancer research. 

Head for the Cure works to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers and other supporters, while celebrating their courage, spirit and energy. Every Head for the Cure event marks a day of celebration where those diagnosed with brain cancer are honored and celebrated by their friends and families, those who have lost their battles are remembered, and we are all inspired to carry on the fight. 

Funds raised by Head for the Cure support the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative, a network of medical centers with the expertise and the desire to participate in state-of-the-art clinical trials investigating new treatments for malignant brain tumors.

Each year, over 80,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. More than 120 types of brain tumors exist, making effective treatment complicated. Cutting edge research is needed as we continue to make strides in this fight.

Please consider making a donation today to help us reach our goal and to help Head for the Cure defeat brain cancer, step by step!

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