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My everything.

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I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012. I had the tumor removed, did my time of recovery, went through chemotherapy for 18 months, and I have become the master of MRI's ;-). My fight and determination to not let it come back is my ULTIMATE goal. I would like to think it will never return, but I am by no means cured. My family means EVERYTHING to me, so I don't plan on going anywhere :-)!!

*Here is my latest health news:

I am "stable", and I have the (kind of nervous and elated) luxury to get my oh, so lovely, MRI pushed out to 9 months, rather than every 6 months. Yes, I am thrilled about this positive change, but I am also well aware that this luxury can be taken away from me at any point in time. Although, I still DO NOT plan to have the creature return- I understand that it could try. So, although, I am able to wait a few more months for my MRI, the reality of my situation is always here with me...day in and day out- for the past 8 years, to the day-but, who's counting? ;-) My next MRI/results is scheduled September 11th...wish me luck, won't ya?
My will is STRONG, and I will not let anything get me down. I have SO much to live for, and I plan on doing just that.* 


With Love,


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