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Mom and Dad at Sea World
Mom and Dad at Sea World

Team Boyle

August is always a tough month for my family and me, because August is when my beautiful dad, Jim Boyle, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma and never fully recovered from his biopsy. I do not run into August thinking, “Oh, I am going to be so sad this month,” but then the feeling eventually creeps up on me and I realize why. The other day I told my sister Brett that feeling such sadness in August is part of our DNA now.

I had a moment recently when I experienced a stranger’s grief, and it opened my eyes again to the truth that everyone has a story and is suffering to some degree. I was at a hair salon in the waiting area and I was in close proximity to a man who was discussing his ideas with the stylist. I heard him tell her how he had a mohawk for years, and in the last few years his mohawk had been pink, until he lost his sister and shaved it all off. After suffering the loss of his sister, his hair did not fit who he was anymore. Losing his sister changed his entire life, and it touched me so much that he was discussing this with the stylist. He needed a change and he needed her help in order to do it.

I am hoping that a cure for brain cancer can be found in my lifetime. And in order to do that, we need your help to spread awareness of the fight against brain cancer. Please consider joining my family and me at the 5th annual KSAT 12 / Head for the Cure 5K in San Antonio this September 22nd.

I remember when my dad and I went scuba diving in Costa Rica (where we saw black tip sharks by the way), and afterwards my dad lost his sense of taste and smell for months. We of course blamed the scuba diving, but in reality, after all that I have learned about brain cancer, I believe that his tumor was already there. And luckily for us, that tumor decided to wait many years until striking again. The money we raise through the Head for the Cure may hopefully one day lead to the ability to diagnose brain cancer early, instead of at the time when horrible symptoms begin to occur and the cancer is Stage IV.

Please join us on September 22nd in San Antonio or donate to my Team Boyle page to support this very worthy and necessary cause. It truly means the world to my family and me. Thank you, as always, for your love, care and support.

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