Head for the Cure 5K - Seattle

mind your head!
mind your head!

mind your head

This snuck up on me this year - as we're all experiencing, there are so many things at home, as well as the state, country and world, going on vying for attention and time; a lot of it pretty stinking awful. Then suddenly it's June and then suddenly it's the WEEK of the race and I'm making my annual plea to JOIN our team or DONATE to brain cancer research.

I wrestled with how to ask for donations and team members this year. Between Covid 19 and BLM, a lot of our "normal" life occurrences are in limbo and nobody knows when we'll get to our "new" normal - and a lot of those affected need support.

Then I realized how similar all of the current events are to the diagnosis of a brain tumor  - the survivors, family, and friends suddenly caught unawares by catastrophic changes they can't control, looking for answers and wayw to cope and searching for our own "new" normal. 

It's the same thing for all of us, in all of the upheaval - we want to find a better way. Whether it's for a new society debilitating illness, an awakening to systems that need reformed, or an old illness that infiltrates the minds of our loved ones, we need to provide funds and support to make changes.

So, even in this time of universal need, please JOIN OUR TEAM (virtually) or DONATE to brain cancer research. Every team member raises awareness and every dollar helps to find another possible weapon in our fight against brain cancer.  

With love and gratitude
Team Head for the Cure

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