2019 Central Texas

My everything.
My everything.

Team Leonard

Hello, Family and Friends,

It is that time again...

It is time to Head for the CURE.

Firstly, I must say this:

It has been a very rough past month since my Father's passing. I know he would have wanted me to push on and continue living a good life, so this is what I aim to do. My father died from Cancer-not brain cancer, but Cancer nonetheless. It angers and saddens me at the same time. Dad, the tears are rolling down as I type this-I love and miss you...SO very much.

Please consider making a donation, or better yet, sign up with my team, Team Leonard, to help reach my goal.  

Let's help Head for the Cure defeat brain cancer, step by step TOGETHER. 

Any donation at all will do- it ALL counts, and it truly ALL adds up.

I'm fighting for a cure. I cannot stop fighting until a cure is found.

I'd love any support from my dear friends and family.

With Love,


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